love is blind

 I see you all the time
Never see you smile
I try to picture what’s going on in your mind
He leaves you every night by yourself
He took your love and put it on a shelf
He really doesn’t care
 How your feel
You should be moving on girl what’s the deal?
Cause girl you  know you’re worth much more
I wanna see you out that door
So baby tell me why (why)
You stick around
Always lonely and you only wear a frown
He doesn’t treat you good and you know
The only thing left is you to go
You shouldn’t live a lie with someone
When deep inside you know he ain’t  the one
I don’t  know what to say no more
I wanna see you out the door
Ya azizi is mahiri (my dear hear me)
I really don’t  want to see you cry
Mujko samjho dil leh mat lo (try to understand me, don’t take it to your heart)
Don’t wanna see another tear in your eye
Baby break away
Let him go
I don’t know what he done to you
 But I know it’s time to move on
 Girl your love is blind
 Girl I understand that you’re scared
And your feel that you might never love again
But baby that ain’t true
No no no I know that there is someone that for you
Someone that will see
That you are worth
An undiscover theasure on the earth
Girl you know you worth much more
I wanna see you out that door

cerita kedaikopi ~ dapat lagu ni dari someone yang aku tak kenal. yang pasti lagu ni best sangat. first tyme dgr teros tangkap jiwa.hehe 

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